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Generic name: Acyclovir
Common names: Aciclovir, Aciclovir Creme, Acicvir, Acifur, Acyclovir Creme, Alti-Acyclovir, Avirax, Cicloferon, Epsin, Eurovir, Firex, Ocuvir, Oftavir, Vironida, Virovir, Zirconia, Zovirax, Zovirax Creme, Zovirax Ointment, Zovirax Wellstat Pac, Zovirax Zostab Pac.

A brand of Soviclor labelled as Acivir Dt, Acyclovir Cream, Acyclovir Dt, Asiviral, Lovir, Ocuvir, Virosil, and Zovirax are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Acivir Dt200 mg100 tablets$101.74Order
Acivir Dt200 mg200 tablets$168.23Order
Acivir Dt200 mg400 tablets$286.07Order
Acivir Dt400 mg50 tablets$108.25Order
Acivir Dt400 mg100 tablets$153.52Order
Acivir Dt400 mg200 tablets$241.54Order
Acyclovir Cream5%10gm$104.93Order
Acyclovir Dt400 mg50 tablets$96.53Order
Acyclovir Dt400 mg100 tablets$143.08Order
Acyclovir Dt800 mg50 tablets$117.25Order
Acyclovir Dt800 mg100$224.43Order
Asiviral400 mg50 tablets$176.28Order
Lovir200 mg25 tablets$55.86Order
Lovir200 mg50 tablets$86.54Order
Lovir200 mg100 tablets$122.69Order
Lovir Tablets400 mg56 tablets$113.32Order
Lovir Tablets800 mg35 tablets$113.32Order
Ocuvir200 mg50 tablets$110.80Order
Ocuvir400 mg50 tablets$113.57Order
Ocuvir800 mg50 tablets$193.91Order
Virosil800 mg25 tablets$89.65Order
Zovirax5% w/ w2g tube cream$44.32Order
Zovirax5% w/ w2g pump$44.32Order
Zovirax400 mg50 tablets$152.35Order
Zovirax Ophtalmic Pomade0.03%4.5gm$85.51Order
Zovirax Pump Pack Cream For Herpes0.5%2gm$74.04Order

A brand of Soviclor labelled as Acic produced by Hexal, Aciclovir made by Ratiopharm, Heumann Pharma & Co. Generica Kg, 1 A Pharma, Hospira Deutschland, and Stada, Acivision produced by Omnivision, Cevinolon Cream, Cycloviran made by Medichrom, Neldim Cream produced by Vilco, and Zovirax manufactured by Glaxosmithkline are at Goldpharma

Acic250 mg10 powder for infusion solution$144.16Order
Acic500 mg10 powder for infusion solution$353.48Order
Acic Creme50 mg4x5g cream$37.01Order
Aciclovir50 mg/g5g cream$25.06Order
Aciclovir50 mg/g20g cream$37.01Order
Aciclovir200 mg100 tablets$39.55Order
Aciclovir250 mg5 powder for infusion solution$98.77Order
Aciclovir400 mg35 tablets$33.40Order
Aciclovir500 mg5 solution, injectable$160.93Order
Aciclovir Akut Creme50 mg2g cream$5.21Order
Aciclovir Creme50 mg5g cream$24.52Order
Aciclovir Creme50 mg20g cream$36.98Order
Aciclovir Mayne250 mg5x10ml solution$68.37Order
Aciclovir Topico5 %15g cream$18.11Order
Acivision30 mg4.5g ointment$33.31Order
Cevinolon Cream5 %10g cream$10.13Order
Cycloviran400 mg70 tablets$32.29Order
Neldim Cream5 %1 cream$8.67Order
Zovirax200 mg25 tablets$12.38Order
Zovirax 800 mg35 tablets$42.13Order
Zovirax Cream5 %2g cream$6.36Order
Zovirax Opht Oin3 %4.5g ointment$9.53Order
Zovirax Susp Flx400 mg100ml suspension$23.92Order
Zovirax Suspension200 mg62.5ml suspension$23.68Order

A brand of Soviclor labelled as ACICLOVIR and ZOVIRAX (ACICLOVIR) are at Dokter Online

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceDokter Online
ACICLOVIR5% $39.42Order
ACICLOVIR200 mg25 tablets$43.27Order
ACICLOVIR200 mg35 tablets$44.99Order
ACICLOVIR200 mg175 tablets$86.72Order
ACICLOVIR200 mg350 tablets$138.39Order
ACICLOVIR400 mg56 tablets$48.16Order
ACICLOVIR400 mg168 tablets$61.70Order
ACICLOVIR800 mg30 tablets$52.01Order
ACICLOVIR800 mg35 tablets$53.73Order
ZOVIRAX (ACICLOVIR)200 mg25 orodispersible tabl$63.58Order

A brand of Soviclor labelled as Acyclovir, Zovirax (Generic), and Zovirax Cream (Generic) are at Quick Ship Pills

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceQuick Ship Pills
Acyclovir200mg30 pills$79.00Order
Acyclovir200mg60 pills$109.00Order
Acyclovir200mg90 pills$129.00Order
Acyclovir400mg30 pills$99.00Order
Acyclovir400mg60 pills$129.00Order
Acyclovir400mg90 pills$149.00Order
Acyclovir800mg30 pills$109.00Order
Acyclovir800mg60 pills$139.00Order
Acyclovir800mg90 pills$159.00Order
Zovirax (Generic)200mg30 pills$59.00Order
Zovirax (Generic)200mg60 pills$79.00Order
Zovirax (Generic)200mg90 pills$99.00Order
Zovirax (Generic)400mg30 pills$69.00Order
Zovirax (Generic)400mg60 pills$89.00Order
Zovirax (Generic)400mg90 pills$119.00Order
Zovirax (Generic)800mg30 pills$109.00Order
Zovirax (Generic)800mg60 pills$149.00Order
Zovirax (Generic)800mg90 pills$179.00Order
Zovirax Cream (Generic)5%1 $49.00Order
Zovirax Cream (Generic)5%2 $99.00Order
Zovirax Cream (Generic)5%3 $129.00Order

Common uses: Soviclor (Acyclovir) is an antiviral used to treat shingles, chickenpox, genital herpes, herpes infections of the skin, and oral herpes (i.e., cold sores). Your pharmacist may know of alternate uses for Soviclor (Acyclovir). Click for more Soviclor details.

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