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Generic name: Tropicamide
Common names: I-Picamide, Minims Tropicamide, Mydriacyl, Mydriafair, Ocu-Tropic, Spectro-Cyl, Tropicacyl.

A brand of Opticyl labelled as Tropicamate is at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Tropicamate1% w/ v3 x 5ml eye drops$74.54Order
Tropicamate1% w/ v5ml eye drops$45.82Order
Tropicamate1% w/ v6 x 5ml eye drops$106.26Order

A brand of Opticyl labelled as Mydriasert made by Thea Pharma, Mydriaticum produced by Pharma Stulln, Mydrum manufactured by Chauvin Ankerpharm, Tropicamida by Alcon Cusi, and Tropixal Coll made by Demo are at Goldpharma

Mydriasert0.28 mg20 oculus insert$189.94Order
Mydriaticum2 mg5x0.4ml solution$22.62Order
Mydriaticum2 mg30x0.4ml solution$29.92Order
Mydriaticum2 mg60x0.4ml solution$36.99Order
Mydrum5 mg10ml solution$24.20Order
Tropicamida1 %5ml solution$10.82Order
Tropixal Coll0.5 %1 solution$5.94Order

Common uses: Opticyl (Tropicamide) is an anticholinergic agent used before eye examinations to dilate the pupils. Consult your physician for further Opticyl (Tropicamide) applications.

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